Our Story


Where It All Started...

The idea for Modern Nature started from people just like you who aspired to have quality jewelry without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Our goal is simple. Create the most unique jewelry for all types of people... all around the world.

Why Are We Different?

We make genderless jewelry that appeals to all types of people. Most brands make jewelery for only women or for only men. This is a big problem to us our moods change as we go through different stages in life. By creating Unisex jewelry we allow our creative freedom to linger whilst also looking spectacular at doing so. 

Top Quality, Affordable Prices...

By cutting out the middleman, we bypass costs from distributors, retailers, resellers and unfair industry norms that have no bearing on quality. And we pass the savings on to you.

We believe in questioning the status quo and placing our customers first, letting them decide the best solution to the current markets problems. That’s why our company is founded on 4 principles:

1. Great Product

We are obsessed with design and quality bringing you the most unique products that is made to last and stay in trend.

2. Sustainable and Earth Friendly

We believe luxury shouldn't have to be unfair to the earth. That is why we use the most natural and sustainable of materials backed by our state of the art production facilities that leave behind a low carbon footprint.  

3. Better Experience

Sporting luxurious jewelry doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive. We understand that you might have a change of mind in your fashion statements, so we are happy to offer 30 day money back guarantee

4. Save Our Planet

We are proud to support Ecologi in planting a tree for every time you buy from us, we will plant a tree to keep the earth flourishing.

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"We infuse the world of art and minimalism to create unparalleled jewelry without breaking the bank"